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Hippo Wordle | New Spin on a Classic Wordle Game

Have you yet to try Hippo Wordle? This is the newest word guessing game that’s going viral on social media. Hippo Wordle is ideal for you if you enjoy Wordle but think it to be too simple. This hippo-themed variant has some entertaining twists to put your talents to the test, but the rules are nearly the same. I’ll walk you through every step of playing in this article, from assembling your gaming board to figuring out the daily hippo phrase. I’ll also share with you my best advice on how to rapidly solve those challenging hippo puzzles. You’ll become an expert Hippo Wordle player very quickly with some practice! So let’s get started, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know to become an expert at something you can’t stop using or doing.

What Is Hippo Wordle?

Play the entertaining word-guessing game Hippo Wordle with your loved ones. By posing yes-or-no questions, players are to guess a hidden word or phrase. Without revealing his choice to the other players, one player selects a word or brief sentence. After that, each participant takes a turn posing inquiries in an attempt to discover the secret word.

Have one player come up with a term or phrase that has three to ten letters to begin a round of Hippo Wordle. For that round, this will be the secret word. The person who selected the word ought to record it in writing for their own memory, keeping it a secret from the other players. Next, moving the top to the right while a wheel revolves, Ask a yes-or-no question regarding the word to every participant. A player can inquire, “Does the word have more than five letters?” for instance. or rather “Does the word contain the letter E?”

Each question will be honestly answered with “yes” or “no” by the player who selected the secret word. Gamers keep asking questions until someone correctly guesses the term. The next secret word for the subsequent round is then chosen by that participant. Guessing the word in the fewest questions possible is the aim!

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Ask open-ended questions instead of ones that have clear-cut yes/no responses. As a result, each query will yield more data.
  • Keep an eye out for hints in the answers. Use the knowledge that the term is longer than six letters or contains specific letters to reduce the number of options.
  • Even if you’re not positive, don’t be scared to speculate. You never know—you could be fortunate! To increase your chances of success, however, make sure your assumptions are relevant to a strategy for achieving the desired outcome.
  • Enjoy yourself while doing it! Finding the secret word or surprising the other players is half the fun of Hippo Wordle. Have fun while competing in a pleasant manner and chuckle a little as you go.
  • Hippo Wordle is a simple but engaging game that provides entertainment for people of all ages. Give it a try at your next party or family get-together!

How to Play Hippo Wordle

Gather your players

Hippo Wordle works best with 3 to 6 players. Grab some friends or family members and have everyone sit in a circle.

Choose a word

Decide who will be the first “hippo.” That player chooses a 5- to 8-letter word to stump the other players. Don’t reveal the word to anyone else! Write it down on a slip of paper to refer to.

Guess letters

Each person guesses one letter at a time that they believe appears in the secret word, starting with the player to the left of the hippo. A player might guess “A” if the word is “alligator,” for instance. The hippo would say “Yes, there is an A.” If someone guessed “B,” the hippo would say “No, there is no B.”

Track guesses

As letters are guessed, the hippo should keep track by writing them in the correct blank spots on a sheet of paper. For example, after guessing A, E, and L, it would look like this: _ L L _ _ _ A _ _. The blanks represent letters that haven’t been guessed yet.

Make a guess

Once a player thinks they know the full word, they can guess the word on their turn instead of a single letter. If they are correct, they win and get to choose the next secret word as the new hippo! If incorrect, play continues with the next player guessing a letter.

Penalties for incorrect guesses

A player is eliminated from the game for the duration of that round if they guess an inaccurate word or a letter that is not present in the secret word. “No, there is not a [letter/word] in the secret word,” the hippo responds. The hippo says “No, there is no [letter/word] in the secret word.” That player cannot make any more guesses for that word.

The game continues until someone guesses the full secret word. Have fun and good luck guessing the hippo’s word! Let the games begin!

Hippo Wordle Tips and Tricks

Playing Hippo Wordle is easy to learn but takes time to master. Here are some pro tips to up your guessing game and stump your opponents.

Choose tricky words

Opt for less well-known creatures like “echidna” or “narwhal” rather than common ones like “cat” or “dog.” The harder it is for others to guess, the more uncommon the species. You can also choose animals with strange names like “aye-aye” or “quokka.” Just be sure you know how to describe them!

Provide ambiguous clues

Rather than giving away too much information right away, start with clues that could apply to many animals. For example, say “it has four legs” or “it lives in the forest.” This way players have to ask lots of follow up questions to figure it out. Only start giving more specific details once they’ve narrowed down the possibilities.

Give clues out of order

Giving forth clues in a logical sequence is not required. Starting with the animal’s food and working your way down to its size and continent of origin would be one approach to this. You can make the game harder and confuse other players by leaping around. But watch out that you don’t contradict yourself!

Use comparisons

Comparing the animal to familiar objects or animals is an excellent way to describe it without actually naming it. For example, you could say it’s “as big as a medium dog” or “has ears like a bunny.” Come up with creative comparisons to keep people guessing.

Have fun!

The most important tip is simply to enjoy yourself. Don’t stress too much about stumping the other players or winning the game. Laugh at the silly questions and clues, and take pleasure in learning more about obscure animals. That positivity will make Hippo Wordle an enjoyable social experience for everyone involved.

With practice, these techniques will become second nature. Soon you’ll be a Hippo Wordle pro, confounding your friends with your clever clues and stumping even the craftiest guessers. But remember, the goal is fun – so keep things lighthearted and let your creativity flow. Hippo Wordle on!

The Best Starting Words for Hippo Wordle

Playing Hippo Wordle is all about choosing the best starting words to maximize your guessing efficiency. Some of the best words to start with are:

Short words

Starters like “a,” “I,” “it,” “at,” “on,” and “so” work well. You’ll be able to rapidly determine which letters are in the secret word because these brief words cover a lot of letters. You can reduce the number of possible words by guessing words that contain the letters you know are present.


Try looking up terms like “aeiou” or “eiaou” to see which vowels are present. Determining the vowels first is important because almost all words have at least one of them. You’ll save time and irritation by not guessing words with a lot of vowels if the word doesn’t contain “aeiou.”

Common consonants

Similarly, try words with common consonants like ‘rstlne’ or ‘cndht’. These letters frequently appear in words, so guessing them first helps determine the potential structure and spelling of the secret word. If several of these common letters appear in your starting word, you’re well on your way to solving the puzzle.

Word patterns

Think about common word patterns, like ‘-tion’ or ‘-ough’ endings. Try guessing words like ‘motion’ or ‘through’ to see if those letter groupings are part of the secret word. Little tricks like this can reveal a major part of the word with just one guess.

The key is to choose efficient starting words that maximize the information you gain with each guess. While it may be tempting to guess your favorite words first, a strategic approach will serve you well. With practice, you’ll get better at intuiting the best starting words to crack the code of any Hippo Wordle challenge. Keep at it and happy guessing!


Hippo Wordle has proven itself to be an engaging social game that brings people together. The next time you have friends or family over, consider breaking out this creative word game. Not only will you share some laughs trying to act out and guess the secret words, but you’ll also exercise your mind coming up with clever clues. For kids and adults alike, Hippo Wordle makes for a fun diversion from screens and a great way to bond over silliness and vocabulary.

Playing Hippo Wordle is also a chance to expand your mental horizons. When trying to stump the other players, you’ll dig deep into your word knowledge to choose unusual or complex terms they may struggle to guess. At the same time, in attempting to deduce the words from the clues, you give your brain a workout following the trail of hints. Over many rounds of gameplay, you may find your vocabulary and deductive abilities improving, all while having a blast.

Hippo Wordle is a game that stimulates social interaction and cognitive skills in equal measure. Break it out for your next get-together and watch as hilarity and puzzlement ensue. With endless variations possible and words limited only by your imagination, this simple yet engaging word guessing game is sure to become a favorite. Give Hippo Wordle a try and see for yourself!

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